How do I work with Prima Connection?

An order from Prima Connection can be completed in two ways. If you have an idea for your promotional project, please feel free to browse our online catalogue; we are confident that we have a product in stock that can be custom branded with your logo or customised to fit your promotional ideal. Alternatively, if you cannot find an item that suits your needs, or if you have a specific promotional item in mind, feel free to contact us via phone or email with a brief. We are happy to work with you to meet your design goals; just let us know your intended end user and budget, as well as sending us your logo artwork.

How do I place an order with Prima Connection?

You can place an order with Prima Connection simply by contacting us, either through our phone or email service or by using the enquiry service of our web catalogue. After placing your order, you will be sent a quote from our Accounts Manager, who will direct your order to our Production Department. The Production Department will then issue you a confirmation of your order and a contract stating the particulars of the product order.

The confirmation of the order will require a signature prior to commencement of production; once signed, our Graphics Department will render an artwork approval before your order is made. If you would like visuals before signing the confirmation, these may be purchased for $50 plus GST per visual.

What type of image files will I need to place an order?

We prefer that any images to be added to items ordered be in print ready EPS files in Vector format, with fonts converted into curves. If you do not have access to such a file, please contact us and let us know what type of images you have available. For a small fee, we are often able to redraw whatever artwork you do have into the preferred format.

What is the normal timeline of production?

The time required for completion of an order is highly dependent on the particulars of the order itself, such as the number and type of item requested; however, a standard lead time for locally produced products is ten working days from the date of art approval. Fully custom briefs may vary the lead time, however we are happy to give you an estimated time for production upon contact.

Clients in a partnership agreement can expect faster delivery times on their order.